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Covid-19 Status

Social Distancing...Shelter in Place...Economic Shutdown...

The main lesson the COVID-19 crisis has taught us is that surviving is not living.

And living is what our American society does best.

But the more important lesson we have been taught is that recovery must be a totally cooperative effort. If only one of us now fails, we are all reduced by that loss.

In its own small way, West Coast Precious Metals Inc. can help small businesses recover. Converting your precious metal scrap into revenue will add to restoring your cash flow which is the first step in jump starting businesses that have stood idle for months.

We have developed a series of options for conducting business based on preventing the spread of COVID-19, and, protecting both ourselves and our valued customers & staff from the dangers of infection. Our new pamphlet "Preventing the Spread of COVID-19" outlining the details of these options, and, personal protection procedures is now available on our website. Hard copies for your entire staff are available free for the asking.

As always, West Coast Precious Metals Inc. will continue to set the standard for Integrity, Commitment and Service keeping our valued customer's health, well being and prosperity first. All of us at WCPMI wish you only the best in getting back to the business of living!


Barbara D. Faliks
President & Founder